Call Transfer Service:
No more worrying about missing important calls while you are on your international trip. With Call Transfer Service You can answer calls received on your local U.S.A. numbers, handheld or landline to a number of your choice in the country of travel.
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Can change destination number via our website as many times as you want. E.g. Day 1 to 4 you are in Paris, provide a Paris number, day 5 to 7 in Mumbai, provide a Mumbai number, Day 8 to 11 in England or any other country, provide a local number of that country. Forward calls for all or one mobile or landline USA number. Can forward calls from 1 to 10 US local registered numbers to 10 different destination numbers.


  • CLI – Calling line identification for the number that is trying to reach you. i.e. know who is calling you before you take the call.
  • Voice Mail - That can be accessed anywhere on the web or emailed directly to your phone ( Providing your phone has been provisioned for data / email)
  • Single national forwarding number for traveling anywhere in the world. Unlike other forwarding services, no need to remember multiple forwarding numbers
  • No Credit Checks.
  • No Contract.